BeyBee Waterproof Baby Dry Sheet (Small (50cm X 70cm), Salmon Rose)

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Amazon is running an offer where you can get BeyBee Waterproof Baby Dry Sheet (Small (50cm X 70cm), Salmon Rose) To avail this offer, kindly follow the below steps.

BeyBee dry sheet is Comfortable and durable baby dry sheets, made from 100% leak-proof mattress protector and baby skin-friendly fabric. This baby dry sheet is best hygienic baby bed protectors for babies, protects your baby & bed from wetting.,BeyBee waterproof bed protector sheets provide long-lasting durability and will surely be the best alternative cot sheet for your baby’s diapers as they quickly absorb the water. This baby bed protector is Ultra soft and lightweight under pads: crafted with the premium quality fabric (baby mat), our baby under pad offers cozy feel to touch even on a rough bed surface,BeyBee dry sheet is hypoallergenic, economical and light weight, can be sterilized upto 90-degree C. These sheets are known as like (baby mat waterproof, mattress protection, urine sheet with waterproof, baby cot sheet, quickly dry sheet for baby),This BeyBee dry sheet is helps in protect your baby from 6 major problems caused by the usage of diapers on your child’s skin, (gives ultimate protection against damaged immunity, urinary infections, skin irritations, redness and rashes).,BeyBee waterproof bed protector absorbs and holds 8 times its weight of water to comfort your baby on his day’s nap, night’s sleep, dressing up or playing time. This lightweight baby urine sheet waterproof, crafted with the premium quality fabric, our baby bed protector offers soft feel to touch even on a rough bed surface

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